I’ve always had a lot of interests and hobbies, and the pandemic has only made that worse. Being stuck at home so much has given me an excess of time to indulge my curiosities. This started pretty tamely. I got into baking sourdough like everyone else did, stocking up on flour and telling anyone who would listen about the status of the yeasts I was attempting to cultivate. When the studio I took pottery classes at (responsibly) canceled them all, I started working on handbuilding projects at home. Things escalated even further after Jake and I moved in together.

I constantly had some sort of mess going in the kitchen as I experimented with cooking new things. I added even more vegetables to my container garden. My new office finally had nice indoor lighting so I bought houseplants to bring some greenery indoors. I learned how to make macrame plant hangers to keep said houseplants out of reach of the cats.

So when I texted Jake one day that we should start a YouTube channel to document all our hobbies and interests, of course he was on board. He had just as many hobbies as I did and this would be yet another one to add to the list. So we started coming up with a whole slew of ideas for projects and now here we are.

We’re super excited to be sharing our many interests with My Next Hobby. Some videos will be projects we tackle together, and others we’ll be working on solo. We’ll be documenting a variety of ideas we have planned, in addition to offering more in-depth tutorials that you’ll be able to follow along with at home. Some hobbies like biking and urban exploring (and traveling, whenever that’s a thing we can safely do again) aren’t really projects, but we want to share them with you anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our new adventure. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, and follow along with us on social media to stay up to date on our latest hobbies!