So we bought a cabinet at Ikea and didn’t realize that it came without any sort of handles or knobs until we got home and put it together. As the weeks went on we kept forgetting to look for anything, and then when we finally did we were pretty underwhelmed by everything we found at the store. Enter: Jake’s 3D printer.

Amber had picked up some wood PLA filament for a different project and she suggested we use it to try and print some handles that we could (in theory) sand and stain to match the cabinet top. Surprise: it totally worked!

We spent a weekend designing, printing and testing out handles before we finally got them all installed and we were so thrilled with the results! The handles look great, seem pretty sturdy thus far and we were able to create something totally unique that we couldn’t have purchased in a store.

Check out our video above as we go through the whole process. Below are some of the main materials we used for the project.

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Ikea Cabinet: KNOXHULT

*Wood PLA Filament: PRILINE Filament

3D Printer: Anycubic 4MaxPro

Wood Stain & Screws all purchased from Home Depot