Sometimes I forget about the produce I have. A lot of the time that means it just gets real gross and stinky, but in the case of this ginger I bought it decided to sprout! After some quick internet searching to confirm it wouldn’t kill me to eat, I decided to delve into what it would take to plant and grow.

Since I was starting my crop in late July I knew I wouldn’t be able to grow it outdoors so I had to focus on an indoor setup. Prior to planting I soaked the ginger pieces I planned to plant in water for 24 hours. I then prepped some old, shallow takeout containers with soil and let them sit out in the sun for a few hours to get nice and warm prior to planting. Ginger is a tropical plant so it likes warm, moist soil.

After that it was pretty straight-forward, I planted the ginger pieces and covered them in a shallow layer of soil. They would spend the first few weeks of their lives in these containers while sitting on a heating pad that I would turn on in semi-regular intervals to provide the plants extra warmth.

Once I started to see a good amount of growth on top I transferred the ginger to large containers where they will stay until I hopefully can harvest my ginger crop in a few months! Since I’ve transplanted the ginger they seem pretty happy with their new homes, though one isn’t looking especially great after my cat decided to take a few chomps out of it.

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