Enamels pins are a really fun way to create and display art, so we wanted to try and create our own faux version using some easily available components (minus the 3D printer, I suppose). We’ve included a list of materials down below with links, plus files to download the pin bases we created if you want to try and create your own version!

We started off designing and printing some simple shapes using the 3D printer to make the solid base of the enamel pins. We looked at some different paint options online but a small color selection and the high prices lead us to an even easier solution: nail polish! With a few layers of polish on the pins we were able to create a neat look, and the colors swirled together really nicely to give us some real ~magical~ effects for our Halloween-themed pins.

After allowing the layers of polish to fully dry, we cleaned up the pins by sanding the surfaces to remove any errant paint splatters. Once that was done we applied a layer of clear coat to help protect the polish from any potential damage during wear.

Once that dried all that was left was to apply the pin backs (and earring posts, in the case of the candy corn) to the plastic base using E6000 and letting that dry before we were able to wear them!

These pins were fun to make, and came out looking really cool! We’d definitely like to make some tweaks in future iterations, but overall we’re thrilled with the results and we can’t wait to wear them around this Halloween season!



Affiliate links noted with a *, we may receive a commission from purchases made at these links

3D Printer – Any Cubic 4Max Pro: https://www.anycubic.com/products/anycubic-4max-pro-3d-printer
*Nail Polish – Amazon: https://amzn.to/2J66IVe
Jewelry Components: Etsy & Amazon
*Black Filament: https://amzn.to/36YUCph
*E6000 – Amazon: https://amzn.to/2US8PPe