I didn’t have any intention of getting into macrame. My mom mentioned in passing that I should learn how to do it so I could make hanging planters with the pots I was hand building. I laughed it off and said I didn’t need any other hobbies, and then of course less than 24 hours later I had a (digital) cart full of macrame supplies ready for checkout.

I started making a bunch of other little projects with the abundance of cord I had, one of which was the first version of this water bottle carrier I assembled from a few different online resources I found. I liked how useful it was, but had some tweaks I wanted to make so I figured I’d make a video that anyone else could follow along as well.

In addition to the video walking through the entire process of creating the water bottle carrier, I’ve also put together a handful of short videos that review how to tie each of the knots I used to create this project. I hope they’re useful for anyone who maybe hasn’t done macrame before, or anyone who might feel a little rusty when jumping into this project!

Here’s the breakdown of how to make your own bottle carrier.


  • 8 pieces of 3 mm cord – 10.5 ft in length
  • Additional cord scraps for finishing the strap, alternately cut roughly an arm’s length of new cord instead
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Optional: the bottle you’re planning to carry, this is helpful to size up the carrier as you work


  1. Start by taking one of the 8 pieces of cord and fold it in half. Tie a double half hitch knot to create a loose loop that’s a few inches across. Hang this over a hook to make working easier.
  2. Attach the other 7 pieces using lark’s head knots. Pull on the unknotted half of the string in the half hitch knot to tighten the loop and force all the other pieces into a tight circle. This will form the bottom of the carrier.
  3. From here tie four square knots directly against each side of the base.
  4. Leave a 1-inch gap and make a row of alternating square knots
  5. From there make 6 additional rows of alternating square knots, leaving approximately 1.5 inches of space between each row. This spacing can be adjusted up or down to accommodate larger or smaller bottles.
  6. Split the thread into two sections of 8. On each side leave an inch of space and tie a square knot using the middle four cords. Directly above that tie two more square knots side by side.
  7. From here you can design the handle however you’d prefer, but for this version I left a 6-inch gap, tied 6 square knots, left another 6-inch gap and then tied 6 more square knots.
  8. From there I overlapped the two sections of cord and used some scrap cord I had to create sections of gathering knots to form a shoulder strap and finish off the carrier.

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