Are we too late to the spin art trend? This week we put our own *ahem* spin on things with these super neat spin art Christmas ornaments!

We knew we wanted to DIY some ornaments when we bought our Christmas tree a few weeks ago, and Amber had the idea for these spin art versions. We weren’t sure how things would work in this smaller scale – most of the spin art we’ve seen people make are larger canvases that have been attached to drills so it took a bit of tinkering to get things figured out.

First we had to gather our supplies. We already had a drill and Jake rigged up a piece of cardboard attached to the end that we could tape the ornaments to. We just needed to get acrylic paint and some plastic ornaments. We cannot emphasize enough that you need to get PLASTIC ornaments if you decide to try and replicate this. We didn’t have any fly off, but don’t take that risk!!!

Once we had all our supplies it was just some trial and error to figure out what worked! The results on the first few were a little lackluster, so we tried thinning out the paint to see if we could get more movement. Spoiler: we mostly just got a mess. From there we just ran through a bunch adjust angles, speed and spin time till we finally were getting things that looked really cool! We made some further adjustments as the paint dried by pouring out some of the excess to enhance some of the splatter effects in the ornaments.

It took a couple days for the ornaments to completely dry, but in the end we were super happy with the results! These look so dang rad, and were actually pretty easy to do! We’d definitely like to take on more one-day projects like this in the future.


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