I (Jake) totally forgot to write a post when we started this project! Either way here we are a month into building our own CNC machine. As a quick recap we had decided that having a CNC machine would elevate the type of projects we could make but after looking at prices we concluded it would be more cost effective, and more fun, to build our own. We spent some time looking over different DIY projects and settled on the MPCNC. We determined a 24×48 inch build area would be a good size for projects both large and small.

At the end of November we started purchasing all of the parts we needed and printing the many 3d printed parts. The MP in MPCNC stands for “Mostly Printed” and refers to the 3d printed connectors and pieces that coincide with the stainless steel tubing to make up the frame of the machine.

I designed the table for the CNC and we purchased the wood and cut and assembled the table and then began assembling the CNC. I ran into a couple issues along the way with making sure everything was square but after some reading and disassembling and reassembling it all came together.

The biggest goof that I made so far was not realizing the work area of the MPCNC is not centered in the frame. It’s actually shifted to the to the left and down by a couple inches. I’ll be able to correct this easily in the Y axis but for the X axis I’m going to have to live with the spoil board being offset. Ultimately I don’t think it will be a big deal.

I need to finish the wiring of the controller and stepper motors and then calibrate and test the whole machine to dial things in. I’m hoping this will only take another week or two to complete. And then from there we’ll be on our way to using the CNC to cut out our first project.

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Useful Links:

MPCNC Documentation
MPCNC Build Kit – Primo Version (Dual Endstop)
Touch Plate
Endstop Switches
Archim2 Controller
Stainless Steel Tube (1″ OD x .065 Polished)
Overture Filament
Makita RT0701C Router
Braided Wire Loom
Emergency Stop Button
Power Strip