Let’s grow and cook some dang mushrooms! In this week’s video I walk through growing the lion’s mane mushroom spray and grow kit from North Spore and once they’re ready I harvest and cook them! This was my first time growing mushrooms and this kit couldn’t be any easier. I’m super excited to get another flush or two of mushrooms from this block and then I get to do some experimenting to see if I can reuse the block any other ways to produce mushrooms! North Spore gives a ton of suggestions on how to do so, so I can’t wait to get creative!

This is the first of what will probably be a few mushroom-related videos! I’m hoping to put another together about reusing this block, and then I’ve got some outdoor growing planned with the oyster mushroom spawn I purchased! If all that goes well, then I’ll probably end up buying even more mushroom stuff to experiment with! I always thought mushroom growing had to be a real intense high-tech but all the garden-based projects North Spore shares definitely makes it seem way more accessible than I would have thought, so fingers crossed that this works out!