In this week’s video we build a recipe book! We wanted to make something that would nicely hold all of our recipes and last a long time. We chose to make the outsides of the book with thin craft plywood. We think it is the perfect thickness for this book and it sanded and stained really well!

After finding some cute vector art online Jake designed the front of the book in Illustrator and CamBam and engraved the designs with the MPCNC. After that he stained the wood to make it look nice and to protect the wood better.

Amber designed an easy to edit template that we can use to write out all of our recipes. This way they will have a cohesive look and if one gets messy or we need to make changes we can easily update and reprint them!

Overall we’re very happy with the results! It’s little useful projects like these that justify our CNC project and we’re continuously excited to keep doing more with it.

vector art we used –